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Stolen Body Love Songs

Release Date: Valentine's Day 2014

Gotta love a little bit of something free on this, the international day of love. The fine, fine people at Stolen Body Records have put together a little EP for free download today to spread the love and share 4 new tracks from 4 of their favourite artists with you - kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside don't it?

First up is Tara Clerkin, a lady I can find precious little information about. Nevertheless, her offering to this collection, 'I Like It Too', is a lo fi love song in the vein of Ben's Symphonic Orchestra or Zooey Deschenel at her fragile best. It's awkward, quirky, honest and raw - just the way real love is for most of us.

Next up are LWM favourites Factotum with their stripped down, fuzzy, Blues stomp in the shape of 'Girl Your So Pretty' [sic] which is the musical equivalent of pulling a girl's pigtails in the playground because you like her so much you can't string a sentence together any more. It's basic, uncomplicated stuff that we can all relate to at one point or another.

Taos Humm are up third with the genius of a song title that is 'Scarlett You're Handsome'. After a wall of noise introduction, the trio settle in to a the kind of jam/wig out that you could imagine Beck sitting in the corner and nodding along sagely to. Maybe a song to make your move to at the end of Valentine's evening if you know your date well enough to be confident that they won't freak out to this kind of music.

Finally, Mancunian duo Brown Brogues are up with a reworking of an old song that goes by the name of 'Shake It'. It's a stripped down, doo-wop heavy version that sounds like it should be at the end of a heart-felt 50s film about friendship, love, loss and, ultimately, making peace with life. This is totally the slow dance song for the end of the night and, if you move your hips just right, you might get lucky.

Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovers out there and for those without someone to love then you can love Listen With Monger because you bet your ass we love the shit outta you. It's just the way we are down here.


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