Scraps Of Tape - Hands In Hands (A Tendervision Recording) 
Scraps Of Tape - Hands In Hands

Release Date: 26th February 2014

As a novel approach to marketing their band, these guys have developed their very own guitar pedal that you can buy to sound just like them - well, those of the band that play guitar anyway. This is just the kind of ker-azy tactic that is bound to get you noticed in the muso world but will it get you invited to duet with Rhianna at the MTV VMAs? Does anyone really care? Probably not. Anyway, Scraps of Tape are a Swedish quintet who make dramatic and epic sounding indie tunes like 'Hands In Hands' with overlaying guitars, big pounding drums and subtle, almost whispered vocals that making you lean in close. Again, this music will probably go down extremely well with the Mogwai supporting muso community and I hope it will gain support further afield as it is both lush and sparse in equal measure - much like the Scandinavian wilderness...I imagine.

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Live Dates:

26th February - Slappfest, Babel Malmo
27th February - KB18, Copenhagen
28th February - Debaser Strand, Stockholm
15th March - Chemiefabrik, Dresden
18th March - Stadtgarten, Erfurt
19th March - Grabenhalle, St. Gallen
20th March - Immerhin, Wurzburg
21st March AJZ, Chemnitz
22nd March - Schokoladen, Berlin