Nick Gladdish – Blurry Lines 
Nick Gladdish - Blurry Lines

Release Date: 25th October 2019

The tumbling piano notes that introduce this new single from Newcastle based Nick Gladdish are like golden brown autumn leaves falling to the floor and it is beautifully atmospheric. ‘Blurry Lines’ (nothing to do with Robin Thicke) has scattered vocals atop the piano and you’d be forgiven for thinking this one had been penned by Feeder’s Grant Nicholas, such is the warmth and tone. Stepping inside from the cold autumn wind, we find Gladdish at a beaten-up piano singing with closed eyes to a silent, transfixed audience as that insistent bass note pulse persists. This is perfectly and sparsely balanced between intimate warmth and the cool winds of change and is the best thing I’ve heard from this North East singer-songwriter.

Live Dates:

11th October – Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh
12th October – Mr Tighe’s, Blyth
25th October – Single Launch @ The Cluny, Newcastle-upon-Tyne w/mylittlebrother + the Sandboys
26th October – The White Horse, York
28th October – Oporto, Leeds
2nd November – Warwick Bazaar, Carlisle w/mylittlebrother