UPSAHL - Lunatic (Arista Records/Sony) 

Release Date: Out Now

I'm definitely firmly in the pro UPSAHL camp and have been for some time but new single 'Lunatic' really is the cherry on the very tasty cake. Sassy and sexy swaggering beats get things started like a supermodel entering the party wearing Gucci and Doc Martens with a cigarette hanging from her lips. This is the music Tank Girl's daughter would make to get the party started at the Gorillaz after party in downtown LA and there will be queues around the block waiting to get in. If you haven't got your ticket for the UPSAHL party yet then you need to break out the credit cards, sell an organ or ask for a raise or you will regret it. For a long time. 

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Live Dates: 

12th October - Courtyard Theatre, London