Lauren Hoyle - Fun EP (Babywoman Records) 

Release Date: 17th September 2021

Coming out of Birmingham like a rocket is Lauren Hoyle with her new EP, 'Fun'. And it is. Fun, that is. First up is 'Hate Me First' with it's ramshackle and rambunctious vibe full of Dutch Uncles meets Young Knives guitar work, youthful energy and a real sense of injustice - it's almost punk with too much of a melody fit neatly in to that pigeonhole. 'I'm So Revealing' has an instantly infectious hook, lo-fi charm and Atlantic crossing appeal that brings to mind Lauran Hibberd, Hippo Campus and Charly Bliss which is all good in my book. 

'Visions' exists as the mid-point of the EP and has a more intimate, semi-confessional vibe that is part Belly and part Emma Blackery with its hints of optimism and hope. On 'Where Are My Friends' Hoyle strips things back even further for one of those songs that exists more for the writer than the listener but we're privileged to listen in on a snapshot of her life at this point in time. I haven't mentioned Hoyle's voice yet and that's not because it isn't excellent, it's just hard to pin down - perfect pop tone, indie personality and the occasional forays in to punk anger and folk rawness. The title track is saved for the end as 'FUN' embraces a more uptempo energy with hints of reggae, indie and pop mingling on the dance floor as the booze kicks in just enough for some inhibitions to melt away. I love the mix of energies on this EP as we bounce between insecurity, loneliness, determination and joy like a drunk trying to negotiate a busy nightclub. A superb and highly promising collection. 

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