Second Thoughts - Nicotine Stains 

Release Date: Out Now

Hitchin quartet Second Thoughts are the kind of indie band I could really obsess over if I had the time. The band's new single 'Nicotine Stains' weaves so many strands of indie brilliance together that the resultant tapestry can't help but be beautiful. There are the slacker elements of Sebadoh, Folk Implosion and Pavement, the instant hookiness of the Subways or Ash, the punchy energy of Young Knives and the general charm of a whole host of bands who never achieved mega stardom but have a special place in the hearts of thousands (i.e. the majority of my CD collection). "I can't get rid of your nicotine stains around my bed and around your brain" is the standout chorus lyric and you just want to pogo like nobody is watching. Oh the indie kid in me is happy to have discovered Second Thoughts. 

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