Lauran Hibberd - Goober EP 

Release Date: Out Now

I've been waiting about two years for this EP (I think, it feels that long at least) but now it's finally here it has lost none of its punch or excitement. Lauran Hibberd, for the uninitiated, is the Isle of Wight based queen of alt-bubblegum-pop-slacker-indie and she never disappointments. The 'Goober' EP starts with recent single 'Bleurgh', the most withering and dead-eyed put-down of a song that deals with a break-up with equal parts maturity and immaturity (i.e. like an actual human being). On 'Old Nudes' Hibbard hits her stride of Dandy Warhols meets Weezer slacker indie as the guitars hum and the vocals come coated in melted sugar. 

Lydia Knight joins our heroine on 'How Am I Still Alive?' for a song that makes me smile because of its Fountains of Wayne melodies, Veruca Salt attitude and Breeders nous bringing back a tonne of great memories. The punchy drums on 'Boy Bye' are a delight as are the sliding guitars and chugging bass that underpin those pitch perfect pop vocals. There's an energy on 'Crush' that reminds me of watching A back in their prime as the guitars ping and the mosh-worthy chorus builds with excitement, energy and anticipation. The final track on this collection is 'You Never Looked So Cool', a slow grunge-pop ballad full of pathos, regret and long, grey afternoons spent thinking about unrealised possibilities. Lauran Hibberd is the savy, sassy and nuanced voice of a generation that is bored of dating apps, social media and a lack of options but this is not an artist (or a generation) prepared to take it lying down. 

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Live Dates: 

13th August - 110 Above Festival
5th September - Neighbourhood Festival

9th October - Twisterella Festival
8th October - The Garage (Attic Bar), Glasgow
7th October - Key Club, Leeds
6th October - Deaf Institute, Manchester

10th October - Exchange, Bristol
12th October - Joiners, Southampton
13th October - Omeara, London