Nina Nesbitt - Summer Fling 

Release Date: Out Now

If you've not had the pleasure of falling in love with Nina Nesbitt's music yet then you really need to catch up but her new single 'Summer Fling' is a great place to jump in. This latest release is full of rich emotion as Nesbitt sings of the raw excitement and delight of a summer romance but always tinged with the sadness of a relationship doomed to end too soon. The smooth, soulful and lush vocals are dipped in regret and loss which leaves this sounding like Lana Del Rey singing a Katy Perry song with the wisdom and maturity of Kylie Minogue. How Nesbitt isn't a bigger star yet is beyond me but this song will go a long way toward making that happen. For now, we can keep her music all for ourselves. All of us. 

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