Natalie Gray - One In A Million 

Release Date: Out Now

I'm becoming increasingly convinced that Natalie Gray was frozen in a freak Mr Frosty accident in the 1980s only to be thawed by global warming with a head of songs and a heart full of peppy spirit. Whether that's true or just the plot for a film I would definitely go and see at the cinema, Gray's new single 'One In A Million' is absolutely dripping in the 80s pop references that we all know and love - perky synths (possibly keytar), punchy beats and those sugary sweet vocals. In fact, the only sign that this isn't an unearthed lost Tiffany song is that the lyrics deal with toxic relationships rather than just throwing your permed self at the nearest Lycra clad lad. There was a lot wrong with the 80s but the music sure was spunky and I, for one, am grateful that Natalie Gray has brought that spirit back. 

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