Kingdumb - Rave In My Bedroom EP 

Release Date: Out Now

I'm fast becoming a fan of Kingdumb's work which is extending beyond just having an excellent stage name, thanks in no small part to the new 'Rave In My Bedroom' EP. Kicking off with the title track, Kindumb blends some Alexa/Echo style educational monologue about what constitutes a rave with a early 90s inspired melody, some phat bass notes and an excellently incessant beat. 'Brown Skin Soldier' is up next with an incredibly low slung and head-vibrating bass line before the sporadic melodies and deadpan vocals join in telling tales of a night out as a 6'4" British Asian. 

There's a strange mysticism to the intro of 'Click Click Clack' before the Hip-Hop beats and melodies kick in to create something of an earworm that reminds me of Collapsed Lung in the way it swings and sways with a confident swagger. This collection ends on 'Kill Very Many', a track which is made to put your car soundsystem to the test with its low, low bass, scattered beats and electronic melodies that come straight out of the early Prodigy playbook. I'm not getting any other music in this kind of genre at the moment and, while I'm sure there's more out there, this is definitely something to freshen up your playlists with.