Kaky - La Flemme 

Release Date: Out Now

There's real 90s vibe to this track at the beginning with the loose beat and picked guitar melody (think Craig David or Destiny's Child) but when Kaky gets going with his smooth flow you know something different is happening. 'La Flemme' is the latest release from the French artist as he tackles the issue of feeling lazy during the hyper-hectic modern city life. The energy of the track bounces in a way that brings to mind a crowd bobbing in time to the beat and the creativity of Kaky to play with his voice and the structures is wonderfully refreshing. Brilliant video as well which must have some fantastic outtakes given the opportunities for things to go wrong with a mobility scooter and a 360 camera! 

More information: https://www.facebook.com/kakymp3/

Watch the Video: