Joshface – The Delicate Art of Destruction EP 

Release Date: Out Now

DIY Synthpunk from the depths of Cornwall? Oh, go on then. This new EP from solo artist Joshface starts at a blistering pace with the chugging guitars of ‘False Ending’ and the stall is set out for a massively enjoyable punk-rock romp.  Up next is ‘Back from the Dead’ which has a gloriously lo-fi aesthetic and feels like it should be soundtracking a film about a band from Nowheresville, UK making a break for the big time in the states. The fact that this much energy and ingenuity comes from one person is both exhilarating and terrifying in equal measure but if you like your rock uncompromising and coming at you head on then Joshface will really get your blood pumping.

‘Mess’ is the middle track of this collection and it comes Motorhead-ing at you with speed, power and precision before ‘Memento Mori’ takes a darker turn with bouncing synths making this sound like a mash up between Gary Numan and Tool. The EP closes out on the furious punk of ‘Friend’ which reminds me that I haven’t listened to the Vandals for too long as the crunching guitars and punchy drums burrow their way into your head. Joshface has the sound of a tight three piece but the single-minded focus of a solo project and that’s not an easy trick to pull off.

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