Asthmatic Harp – Things We Learned To Live
With EP

Release Date: Out Now

Danish singer-songwriter Asthmatic Harp (aka Hannah Fredsgaard Larsen) is back with her new EP and it’s oh-so-appropriate for 2020 title, ‘Things We Learned To Live With’. The opening track, ‘Bird of Paradise’, kicks things off with a meandering and folky acoustic melody, tinkling ivories and Fredsgaard’s trademark wispy vocal – the listener is immediately transported to another and more fantastical world. 

Recent single ‘To The Boats’ features the vocal harmonies of Sophie Kilburn and it is honestly a therapeutic experience just listening to the easy beauty of these two voices intertwining over the simple and understated acoustic strum. On ‘Limbo’ there is a slightly more summery vibe to proceedings, musically speaking, but there is always a slight tone of mournfulness in the vocals which, when accompanied by doleful bit of woodwind, gives this a bittersweet flavour that is irresistible.

We are brought back to earth by the very real title of ‘Drones Over Gatwick’ which features the talents of Kid Jupiter but still maintains that folk heart with whimsical harmonies and an earthy soul. The final track is ‘Five Day Forecast’, a song so delicate and paper thin that you dare not touch it, only listen and admire it’s fragile beauty. Much like the underrated Mae Karthauser, Asthmatic Harp ploughs her own ethereal furrow and it is simply a privilege to be allowed to listen in.

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