Andy & The Odd Socks – The Kids are United
feat. Princess K + Libera

Release Date: Out Now

I don’t like to use the word hate very much, it’s a strong word with powerful connotations, but I really, really hate bullying. With that in mind, I’m fully in support of anti-bullying week (16th November), the anti-bullying alliance and, in particular, this release from CBeebies stars Andy & The Odd Socks which finds them teaming up with Princess K and Libera to cover the Sham 69 classic ‘The Kids are United’. Musically, it’s the kind of ska-pop-punk that kids can’t help bouncing around to with silly grins on their faces which is perfect for the cause – the last thing kids who have been victims of bullying need is Gary Barlow meaningfully crooning at them. Princess K adds a tasty little rap and then there’s a choir break down before kicking back in for a fun packed finale. Fun tune, fun video and a great cause. What’s not to love?

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