Tina Boonstra – City of Doubt EP 

Release Date: Out Now

I’ve been banging on about Tina Boonstra for quite some time now so I’m hoping you’ve got the message and checked out her music already but if you’re yet to discover her then now is your chance. Boonstra’s six track EP, ‘City of Doubt’, opens with ‘Out of my Depth’ which has a tight little snare beat and dirty bass line setting up the perfect platform for that sweet, pure and direct vocal to take charge. It’s an arresting and engaging start that the likes of Sia or Regina Spektor would be more than happy to have on their next album. ‘What is the Rush?’ comes next and is a slightly more introspective affair but Boonstra’s voice still rings through as clear as a bell as the sparse instrumentation soothes and comforts.

The EP’s title track, ‘City of Doubt’, has a tightly strung little guitar riff full of pent up energy that comes bursting out in the chorus which has a joyous 80s indie-pop vibe with the phattest, squelchiest synth sound this side of LadyHawke. ‘More Than Your Head’ shows off a side to Boonstra’s songwriting which reminds me of early Kate Nash while ‘I Love You Like Sunshine in Bangor’ has a darker tone and introspective rawness to it that puts me in mind of Zoe Johnston’s work. The EP closes out with the superb recent single ‘Talk It Over’, an ode to being a good made, which should having you dancing around your lounge/kitchen/bunker with dopamine rushing through your body and a sense of relief washing over you. Tina Boonstra is that rare thing of being an excellent and diverse songwriter whilst also having the talent to perform those songs to the best of their potential. You can’t retrain that, Rishi Sunak, it’s natural and innate.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/tinaboonstra