Eamon McGrath – Sparkle & Bleed (Saved by

Release Date: Out Now

Toronto’s Eamon McGrath is the very epitome of prolific but don’t let that trick you in to thinking that the quality will suffer in favour of quantity. McGrath’s new single, ‘Sparkle & Bleed’, buzzes into life before a haunting bit of pedal steel drifts in from the distance intermingling with radio interference and we’re off. A steady beat and the twin vocals of McGrath and Julie Doiron make this swell in to something akin to the National, Noah Gundersen or Arcade Fire with a stirring sense of distance and broad horizons that we all need these days of isolation and uncertainty. This is a stunning and expansive track that deserves your time and your attention.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/Eamon-McGrath-236202223866