Death By Unga Bunga – Live Until I Die (Jansen

Release Date: Out Now

Every time I get a submission from Norway’s favourite rockers Death By Unga Bunga I’m like “yeah, the name’s still funny but is the music gonna be any good?” and it always is so shame on me for doubting them. The collective’s new single is ‘Live Until I Die’ which might sound a little flippant but if you understand the true meaning of living then it is actually an important reminder. Big 80s guitars dual, the vocals come thick and fast while the rhythm sections drive and grind like Queens of the Stone Age at their best. The anthemic chorus could easily be Def Leppard singing a Fungus composition and it is just the kind of fists in the air, grinning from ear to ear rock anthem the world needs right now so strap on your spandex and let’s get to rocking.

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