Zoe Johnston – Be Courageous 

Release Date: Out Now

There are some voices in this world that were always meant to sing and Zoe Johnston’s is one of those voices. Having recorded and toured with the likes of Bent, Faithless and, most prominently, Above & Beyond, we are finally being treated to some more of her solo material as a follow up to her 2005 solo debut ‘Happenstances’. ‘Be Courageous’ is just a taste of this new material and it’s a gentle, jazz-infused melody with dancing piano keys being taken for a walk in the park by the bass and shuffling rhythm. Johnston’s unique and stunning voice wafts in like a warming and comforting breeze with words of support and love which so many of us will need right about now. If I could prescribe this one for anyone having problems or feeling embattled then I would be dishing it out but luckily I don’t need to. This kind of beauty exists in the world for those who need it and, if I might add, this one will work particularly well with children thanks to an engaging video.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/officialzoejohnston/

Watch the Video: