The Rezner – The Jive 

Release Date: Out Now

2020 was all set to be a big year for Cornish rock’n’roll bands, not least the Rezner, but the world has turned a little differently for us all so it’s reassuring and impressive to see these guys coming out fighting with new single ‘The Jive’. Kicking off with punches to the stomach from the drums, the guitars join in to disorientate and pretty soon you’re reeling around the boxing ring just trying to stay vertical. The gang vocals in the chorus are just begging to be shouted back by an adoring crowd in a sweaty club wearing face masks and watching their favourite new band play their hearts out behind a plastic screen. It’s a new world but we still need rock’n’roll more than ever and this might just be a little more rock’n’roll than you can handle. Or can you?