Tally Spear – Oddball 

Release Date: Out Now

Ah, Tally Spear. I think you might be one of my favourite new artists of 2020 and it’s a been a strong year. If you’ve not had the pleasure yet then new single ‘Oddball’ is a good gateway through which to get involved. A circular organ riff is picked up by a Black Keys-esque guitar and Spear’s alt-pop vocal creating something of a non-mainstream anthem for a disaffected generation. There’s a musicbox breakdown and this ends up being a real mish-mash of all the best bits from Regina Spektor, Katy Perry, Holly Valance and Pink but with that razor sharp English pop sensibility that is oh so unique and even more enticing. The EP comes out in August and then who knows what comes next, big things if there’s any justice.