Grave Davies – Friends with the Tragic EP
(The Orchard/Sony Music)

Release Date: Out Now

I love how the EP format has risen to the fore again over the last couple of years, it forces and artist to distil their sound beyond that of just an album where there is room to hide but you’ve got to have more than one good idea to pull it off. Grace Davies is a great example of an excellent EP artist as evidenced by her new ‘Friends with the Tragic’ EP. Kicking off with ‘Just a Girl, Davies immediately shows that she has the pop-chops to stand up next to the likes of Katy Perry or Little Mix but there’s definitely more of an edge here that ties you back to the 90s as well. ‘Amsterdam’, by contrast, is a sublimely calm song with heartache at its heart and the potential to be the big tear-jerker in a Hollywood Rom-Com.

Davies’ soulful side comes to through on ‘Addicted to Blue’ which is probably most in line with the Jess Glynnes and Dua Lipas of this world as she sings about the powerful attraction of being apart or absence makes the heart grow fonder for any older readers. The EP climaxes with ‘Invisible’ and there is that 90s draw again as the song is full of introspection and a desire to disappear but don’t give up on this, there is a building spirit deep inside this one that speaks of an artist coming out of their cocoon and making peace with who they are and what they offer. Four tracks of differing styles, energies and moods but all of equal quality – that’s one hell of a calling card.

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