Beach Riot – Wrong Impression (Alcopop!

Release Date: Out Now

It kinda feels churlish to call your band Beach Riot nowadays with all the Covidiots taking to the beaches in their masses but regular readers will know that this Brighton quartet were here first so back the fuck off. The band’s new single ‘Wrong Impression’ starts with a gloriously fuzzy riff that is somewhere between Presidents of the USA and really early Cooper Temple Clause before the rest of the band coming crashing in….and how. As we have all come to expect from these guys, this is three minutes of pop-punk perfection with grunge sprinkled on top and all the rawness and excitement expect from a band still free of the shackles of the world. If you like the early work of Weezer, the Dandy Warhols and Supergrass then you’ll be well into this but just imagine all of those with a slightly harder edge and half a bottle of rum already down. Each.