Infected Senses – New Normal EP 

Release Date: Out Now

As ever, Exeter’s Infected Senses are tapping in to the zeitgeist with their latest release, ‘The New Normal EP’. The experimental electro side project of the infamous DJ Louie Louie opens this new salvo with ‘Remain In Doors (Cabin Fever Edit)’, a track so full of carnival energy, big beats and horn blasts that the last thing you want to do is, in fact, remain indoors. In normal times, this one would have us all arms in the air (like we just don’t care) in packed tents full of glowsticks, face paint and questionable shirt choices. This is followed up by the ‘Belgium New Beat Extended Mix’ of ‘Remain In Doors’ which doubles the length and adds a certain, intangible sinister vibe to proceedings. The brief collection is rounded off with ‘Frequently’, a far more sedate affair with a repeated refrain of “Frequently clean your hands” emerging from the 1984-esque doom synths to embed itself firmly within your psyche. As much as I’m sure Infected Senses would baulk at the idea of teaming up with BoJo & Co., this would be an effective mantra to have played out of speakers on every street corner. Dystopian disco anyone? Dysto-disco even?