Lute – Fear 
Lute - Fear

Release Date: Out Now

Lute are not, as you would forgiven for expecting, a medieval tribute act doing ye olde worlde cover versions of 20th Century songs. No, Lute are a Manchester based rock/metal outfit hell-bent on melting your face off with their complex but encapsulating music. The band’s new single ‘Fear’ opens with a dirty riff that sets about ploughing a deep groove before the rest of the band catch up and they shift through the gears. Elements of Black Sabbath creep in through the back door as the immense riffs are met with proggy vocal patterns and the rhythm section keeps the engine purring. The harmonies of guitarist Ed Truscott and bassist Jacqueline Savickas weave together like a strand of silk running through the heart of an industrial machine before a guitar vs drum breakdown that is reminiscent of early Incubus material in its primal tribalism. Not a tune you’d want to meet down a dark alley on your own, put it that way….

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