Krept & Konan – Ban Drill (Virgin EMI) 
Krept & Konan - Ban Drill

Release Date: Out Now

It feels a bit weak calling this a single when it’s actually more of a short film with an original soundtrack but it’s too good and too important to ignore on a technicality. Croydon legends Krept & Konan release ‘Ban Drill’ as part of their ongoing campaign for freedom of music and that ties in nicely with the themes of the accompanying film. Essentially, this is a Sliding-Doors style story of a young lad growing up on the poverty line, trying to make ends meet and falling in with a crowd that encourage him to start selling drugs but that’s not the end of the story. Musically, there is a feeling of sadness and regret to the melodies but the lyrics are factual and without a hint of self-pity – they’re just telling it like it is. This is classy music with an important and all too common story to tell but one that the mainstream media will ignore, preferring to focus on gangs, knife crime and Drill being the root of all evil which is just lazy. Rock’n’Roll didn’t end society, Punk didn’t kill us all, Rave wasn’t the end of days and Drill isn’t going to be the evil people keep making it out to be. It’s just another way of telling stories, just what music should be.

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