Kongo Dia Ntotila – 360° (Pussyfoot Records) 
Kongo Dia Ntotila - 360°

Release Date: Out Now

Every now and again, I get a single or an EP that really surprises me with its strength and originality but it’s very rare that I get an entire album that makes more excited with every track. Still, such a day has arrived, and the Congolese/British collective Kongo Dia Ntotila are behind the album ‘360°’ which you need to seriously consider adding to your summer soundtrack.

‘Kongo’ opens things up with a tight drum roll and some big ol’ bass before the band kick in with horns and the kind of singing that just makes you want to dance. ‘Agbwaya’ keeps the party going with infectious percussion and those horns (a signature feature on this record) are back again just to keep things funky. The Congolese influence is strong throughout the whole album but ‘Mbongo’ takes things to a wonderful place of fusion with elements of Jazz, Prog and Folk intermingling with the African guitar sound and furious rhythms. I was hooked by this point, I hope you are too.

Kongo Dia Ntotila
Title track ‘360°’ has a moody bassline and when the horns and guitars join in we get that 70s American cop film vibe going on while ‘Faux Boss’ pings and pops with pent up energy and a sense of barely constrained chaos. ‘Kinshasa Makambo’ mixes those chattering, babbling guitars with spurts of horns and conversational vocals to create a glorious cacophony but soon the sweet vocal harmonies find some order in the chaos and you just need to let yourself get swept away. There is a slower, more deliberate pace to ‘Naleli’ which has a reggae vibe with trilling trumpet and the necessary skank to the guitars while ‘Feti’ brings the summer party vibe with some serious sexiness running through the vocals, the horns, the bass – hell, it’s all sexy.

The penultimate track on this collection, ‘Koupe Dekale’, is all about the rhythm and how the bass interacts with it to create a solid base for the lighter than air guitars and vocals to dance on top of without a care in the world. The album closes out on ‘Mutwashi’ which has an end of the night feel to it with the tempo dropping slightly and each musician having one last opportunity to show you what they’ve got. Kongo Dia Ntotila are six men from two different countries making one hell of a triumphant noise across these ten tracks and if you can add a few of these tracks to your summer playlists then it will enrich your life and make your friends jealous.

Live Dates:

21st June – Ninety One Living Room, London
5th July – Love Supreme Festival, Sussex
6th July – Mirth, Marvel & Maud, London
13th July – Tropical Pressure Festival, Cornwall
18th July – Folklore, London
9th August – Houghton Festival, Norfolk
10th August – The Jago, London
26th August – Devizes International Festival, Wiltshire