Joe Dolman – Drag You Down 
Joe Dolman - Drag You Down

Release Date: Out Now

I get a lot of music sent in from one man and guitar which I am always grateful for but it’s not always easy to find where one ends and the next one begins….a bit like a roll of bin bags. Joe Dolman, however, is much easier to separate from the roll and new single ‘Drag You Down’ has the potential for global mainstream success. There are a few key elements at play here; firstly, Dolman has an incredibly emotive and soulful voice that is super easy on the ears. Secondly, the melodies are delicate and will appeal to the Bay/Sheeran/Lawson demographic. Finally, the song writing – from structure to lyrics – is polished to the point where there isn’t a crack in the surface and that is impressive for anyone, let alone a 22 year old from Leamington Spa (no offence Leamington Spa). Expect to see this in a soul-searching montage moment in a big Hollywood film before too long, maybe starring Zac Efron.

Live Dates:

12th May – Fulford Village Hall, Stoke On Trent
18th May – The Rec Rooms, Horsham
31st May – Humle Olbar, Naestved