Goldray – Soulchild 
Goldray - Soulchild

Release Date: Out Now

This feels a little bit like going on a date with your best mate’s ex but life is short so you have to seize these opportunities. Founding member of Reef Kenwyn House has started out on a new path with latest venture Goldray and it’s a sexy path, to say the least. The band’s new single ‘Soulchild’ starts with a dirty blues twang and the Joplin-esque vocals of House’s partner in crime, Leah Rasmussen. This is a track steeped in the rock influences of Led Zeppelin as much as it is in the explorative, creative soup of Haight Ashbury and when those two worlds collide you get a gorgeous explosion full of power and colour. Goldray have a sound that was born in the past but has been frozen only to be thawed out in 2019 to blow the cobwebs off a stale music scene so get yourselves ready, a new age is coming and it is unforgiving.

Live Dates:

18th April – Bannermans, Edinburgh
19th April – The Apollo Venue, Scarborough
26th April – Underworld, London