Elliah Heifetz – I’m Over Now 
Elliah Heifetz - I'm Over Now

Release Date: Out Now

As a Brooklyn based folk singer-songwriter, Elliah Heifetz could easily be mistaken for the direct descendant of Llewyn Davies but this is the real world and that just makes this song even sweeter. ‘I’m Over Now’ is a gently rolling acoustic track that leaves space for Heifetz’s to sprawl out like a warm, lazy cat in the dappled afternoon sunshine streaming in through the fire escape framed window. “Heaven is a place you can go to when you’re feeling underwater” is such a comforting and beautiful line that brings the chorus to life and he goes on “when you are afraid there are a hundred kinds of solace you can find”. I love this song for its sweetness and simplicity; like dipping in to a favourite book or a much loved film or, better still, having a beer with a friend for no particular reason.

Live Dates:

23rd May – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3, New York