Ben Jordan – Go Home (Deevu Records) 
Ben Jordan - Go Home

Release Date: 19th April 2019

It looks like the music industry has found someone young enough and ginger enough to plug that ‘next Ed Sheeran’ pigeon hole and, randomly, they found him on a Mediterranean cruise ship being mentored by JoanOVarc. It’s a great back story. Ben Jordan is the teenage talent behind this improbable start in life and his new single, ‘Go Home’, has an uplifting and hopeful feel to it despite the subject matter of turning your back on a life that you’re not cut out for. There’s a pop vibe with elements of Ellie Goulding to the melodies and arrangement while Jordan’s voice stays in tune it has all the fragility of someone still finding their sound and wearing those shoes in until they fit like gloves (a mixed analogy, sure, I’m not suggesting you actually wear gloves on your feet here). Right now, Ben Jordan has it all laid out in front of him so all we can do is sit back and enjoy the evolution of a new young artist.

Live Dates:

4th May – Village Hall, Cullingworth
6th June – The Boat House Bar, Skipton


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