SPQR – Our Mother’s Sons (Modern Sky UK)
SPQR - Our Mother's Sons

Release Date: Out Now

Do you know why nobody has ever combined a bucking Bronco with a roller-coaster? Because it would be fucking terrifying, that’s why. Nevertheless, Liverpool’s SPQR have just done that on their new single ‘Our Mother’s Sons’ which essentially dares you to hang on during the brutalistic drums and searing guitars while frontman Peter Harrison screams down the microphone with a voice full of pent up aggression and a loss of control. If you can hang on long enough, however, there is the reward of a melody and a song that takes prog-punk to a new level in just over three minutes. Fully expect SPQR to explode in 2019 if we know what’s good for us – just avoid going to Alton Towers with them, it wouldn’t end well.

Live Dates:

29th Mach – Arts Club, Liverpool w/Ohmns + Piss Kitti
3rd May – Liverpool Sound City, Liverpool