Not Ur Girlfrenz – Friends Or Memories 
Not Ur Girlfrenz - Friends or Memories

Release Date: Out Now

Right, so Dallas trio Not Ur Girlfrenz are all still in their early teens so you might expect some cutesy over produced pop. However, these three have been raised on a diet of Skate Punk, Riot Grrl and Bubblegum-rock so these are the kind of kids any parent would be proud to have making a racket in their garage. The three-piece’s new single ‘Friends or Memories’ is a blistering Skate Punk romp that doesn’t stop to draw breath as the drums pound and the guitars chop and scythe through teenage heartbreak and break-ups. Any dude messing with these young ladies better be prepared to be stomped on by a pair of scuffed up Vans and then become the subject of a riotous new three minute belter.

Live Dates:

2nd March – Trees, Dallas w/Green Dazed
4th May – Lola’s Saloon, Fort Worth
8th June – Lava Cantina, The Colony

Watch the Video: