Natalie Shay – Yesterday/Whole of Me 
Natalie Shay - Yesterday/Whole of Me

Release Date: Out Now

Londoner Natalie Shay is coming at 2019 with an unerring determination, typified by this double single release. The first half, ‘Yesterday’, couldn’t be further from its Beatles twin of the same name but there is still a sense of regret running through this one. Nevertheless, this is relatively perky, bouncy and heartfelt pop number with Shay’s strong vocals shining through, dripping in the sadness that only comes with the breakdown of a relationship. ‘Whole of Me’ is a much more subdued affair with a solitary guitar melody ringing out and Shay in reflective, confessional mood. This sparse arrangement allows Shay the opportunity to show off the more soulful side of her voice which is, frankly, stunning. These songs are two sides of the same coin but they perfectly showcase the range, talent and potential of one the UK’s brightest song writing talents. And she’s only 20.

Live Dates:

2nd February – Thousand Island, London