Kap Bambino – Erase (Because Music) 
Kap Bambino - Erase

Release Date: Out Now

I have no idea what Kap Bambino means but it sounds good to say out loud and these two words are now the watch-word for urgent electro-pop with a distinctly sinister underbelly. ‘Erase’ is the new release from the uncompromising French duo who blend the energy of very early Madonna but filtered through the headspace of Joy Division and remixed by Justice with Sleigh Bells screaming encouragement and provocations in equal measure from the sidelines. Caroline and Orion are the duo in question, and they are currently at a fork in their road – one way leads to self-destruction while the other leads to critical acclaim and numerous sold out shows in only the coolest venues on offer in the cities that make taste and set trends. Expect big things. Big, abrasive things.

Live Dates:

20th April – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London
25th April – Trabendo, Paris
26th April – Circolo Magnolio, Segrate

Watch the Video: