Jess Ribeiro – Stranger 

Jess Ribeiro - Stranger

Release Date: Out Now

“I like you so much that it’s making sick”. It’s an attention grabbing opening line but then Australian singer Jess Ribeiro doesn’t like doing things by the book. New single ‘Stranger’ is borders on Shoegaze but also has elements of pop and hints of country to it which all mingle beneath her effortless and semi-bored vocals to create something of creeping and irresistible charm. When you couple that with a video that features trampettes, big rigs, spandex, kung-fu and the kind of slow motion dancing you only normally see at weddings then you get a dreamlike experience that suggests you should stop watching David Lynch movies before you go to bed.

Live Dates:

2nd February – Geddes Lane Ballroom, Melbourne
7th February – Leadbelly, Newtown
8th February – The Junk Bar, Brisbane

Watch the Video: