Dani Le Rose – Shellshock 
Dani Le Rose - Shellshock

Release Date: Out Now

So, warning alert on this one, the video to this track is one of the weirdest pieces of eroticism I’ve seen in, well, ever. Somehow, this video makes home work-outs, vacuuming and 80s glasses all intensely sexual as Le Rose bounces around a dark house giving her best breathy vocal performance. ‘Shellshock’ on its own would be a chilled and undoubtedly sensual story of unexpected desire with sparse musicianship allowing those intense vocals to demand all of your attention. Coupled with the video, this is an experience that Madonna would be fully supportive of in her most subversive moments and the housewife fanclub of Fifty Shades of Grey would probably faint over – except for you Barbara, you saucy li’l minx you.

Live Dates:

21st February – Tiki Bar at the Waldorf, Vancouver

Watch the Video: