Bronx Slang – Ladies & Gentlemen 
Bronx Slang - Ladies & Gentlemen

Release Date: Out Now

This is my second interaction with Bronx Slang and I’m only getting more impressed with each new tune. ‘Ladies & Gentleman’ is the latest release from the NYC duo and it has all the ingredients of a great tune. The beat and flow is laid back like the Fun Lovin’ Criminals but there are horns and organ riffs in there that they found down the back of James Browns’ couch. Then there’s a soul-jazz breakdown with a drum solo and some glockenspiel action towards the end just stirring more sounds and vibes in to this delicious gumbo. I said Bronx Slang’s las single (‘Run Away Sucker’) was the sound of New York but I think this one might just top it. I want to strap this on a pair of headphones and just stroll around matching the sights with the sounds – it doesn’t quite work with the view of rural Cornwall outside my window.