Arthr – Vast Amounts of Yesterday EP 
Arthr - Vast Amounts of Yesterday EP

Release Date: Out Now

I don’t really know what Arthr but he/it is one of my favourite things at the moment so I’m just going to jump in and hang the consequences. The Plymouth based artist works in both the visual and audio metiers and they come together beautifully on this new three track EP. ‘Vast Amounts of Yesterday’ bursts in to life with ‘Shrinking Violet’, a track hung around a tense little guitar riff and pulsing beat that soon blossoms in to the kind of tune that gives you energy, focus and a real sense of being in the here and now. The only other time I’ve really come across this type of energy within music is with Belgian outfit Goose so this is high end stuff from my point of view. The goodest of the good shit.

On ‘Butterflies in a Gale’, Arthr heads towards a more cinematic and avantgarde approach with sinister 80s synths and snippets of sampled speech giving this the feel of something somewhere between Gilbert, Lemon Jelly and Giorgio Moroder doing a score for the stage version of Terminator. The third act, if you will, comes in the form of ‘Leading Somewhere’ which has a sense of emerging from the rubble after something approaching an apocalypse. The pulsing synths and ice-cool beats are infused with hope but also a very real sense of appreciating the task at hand of rebuilding humanity and society – that’s a lot to pack in to a sub-four minute electro track. There’s an animated film to accompany the opening track which features the cartoon alter-ego of Arthr which shows his visual talents alongside the audio genius. It’s the real deal, the full package and, dare I say it, one to watch AND listen to.

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