The Nile Deltas – Don’t Play With Me 
The Nile Deltas - Don't Play With Me

Release Date: Out Now

There is some tasty organ at play on this new track from Midlands blues-rockers The Nile Deltas and I’m a sucker for a tasty organ….. ‘Don’t Play With Me’ pairs some classically hoary rock vocals (think Joe Cocker meets a young Gary Stringer) with a heavy riff, some powerful drums and organs thicker than deep fried butter. The Nile Deltas are one of those bands that will light up a live rock event with their groove and power but any band like that needs a signature tune and this might just be that tune. Drop these guys anywhere in the deep south of the USA and they could keep a crowd going for the whole night.

Live Dates:

30th March – Crazy Cowboy Festival @ The Facebar, Reading
27th April – Kent Blues Rock Fest @ Leo’s Red Lion, Gravesend

Watch the Video: