Spencer Kilpatrick – You Feel Like Nevada To
Spencer Kilpatrick - You Feel Like Nevada To Me

Release Date: Out Now

It’s the start of a new year, nothing fits like it did, you’re supposed to be making yourself in to a newer, better version of you and it’s cold. Sucks, right? Well, why don’t you climb under this comforting blanket of music with me and snuggle up until February. It feels appropriate to get cosy with something familiar so I’m starting 2019 with the ever-reliably wonderful Spencer Kilpatrick. ‘You Feel Like Nevada To Me’ is the latest solo release from the Failure Machine member and it is a delight. Energy wise, this is a yawning cat stretched out on a stoop as the sun goes down at the end of the day with laconic strums and gravelly, bluesy vocals wafting out from the rocking chair in the corner. If you like your music with rootsy authenticity, rawness and a sense of tenderness about the emotion then you really are long overdue to get about discovering Spencer Kilpatrick – the perfect way to crawl out of your festive cocoon.