Matt Koelsch feat. Georgia Feroce – All My
Matt Koelsch feat. Georgia Feroce - All My Friends
Friends (Turbulence Records)

Release Date: Out Now

If you’re looking for something uplifting, comforting, nostalgic and generally positive, then look no further. LA singer-songwriter Matt Koelsch has enlisted the help of Georgia Feroce on new single ‘All My Friends’ and it works beautifully. Their pure voices intermingle over the top a simple acoustic riff, Ben Folds-esque piano melodies and a gang choir made up of friends just happy to hang out and make music together. A hand clapped rhythm and a cappella break down gives you tingles, and you just want to wrap this one around you like the theme tune to Cheers. I’ve had this one on a loop for a good half hour and I feel so much better for the experience.

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