Lost Souls of Saturn – Holes in the Holoverse
Lost Souls of Saturn - Holes in the Holoverse
(R&S Records)

Release Date: Out Now

Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa are the duo that make up dystopian dance duo Lost Souls of Saturn and before we get on to the music I just want to pause to think about whether Moffa Troxler might have been a better name….or at least a new character in Star Wars. Anyway, duo’s new single is ‘Holes in the Holoverse’, a seven minute beast of a tune that transports you to a tent at Glastonbury Festival in the early hours of the morning with the Orb, Orbital or the Chemical Brothers generally doing their nut to a bunch of gurning free spirits. The soundscape that the pair create is both richly diverse and bleakly baron, like a post-apocalyptic landscape painting that consists entirely of burnt horizons and distantly dissipating mushroom clouds.  

Live Dates:

18th April – Village Underground, London