Krowns – Fake It EP 
Krowns - Fake It EP

Release Date: Out Now

I’m really pleased to hear more from Canadian trio Krowns following my first encounter with them last year. The three-piece’s new EP, ‘Fake It’, is just that and it is a joyfully defiant window in to alt-pop world. The EP opens up with ‘Triumphant’ and it’s a call to arms featuring a hooky brass loop, beats all day long and vocals delivered through clenched teeth with a sense of having hit rock bottom and only looking up at the stars. There’s something depressingly reassuring about ‘High While the World Ends’ as the trio sing about just giving up on the world and humanity while it burns around us singing “So baby let’s face it, you know that we could be the last generation, Ain’t complicated; drink in our hands, 22 grams, we could get high while the whole world ends”. Tempting, right?

The single that started my love affair with Krowns is ‘Fake It’ and it’s as tribal, direct and infectious set in the middle of this EP as it stood alone. The dark beats and dream like melodies make for a macabre experience but it’s also one of those ear worms that just stays with you – especially the arms in the air anthem for the kids growing up in someone else’s nightmare. On ‘All the Money in the World’ you get the sense that there’s a more straight-up pop vibe and this might just be the track that catches some attention from the main stream even though that’s exactly who they’re riling against.

You could be forgiven for thinking ‘Phony’ is performed by a Latin collective such is the vibe and melody but that’s mixed in with the kind of smooth production you’d expect from a boyband release – just with edgier lyrical content. The EP closes out with ‘Forget Life’, a song with an honest energy and a call and response vocal that suggests this would be a live banger. Strangely this last track reminds me of Everclear at their downtrodden best but with DeadMau5 on production duties and a whole lotta whiskey in the jar. Krowns have the potential to be something pretty special and their view on the world is just the kind of honest and raw vision we need to pumping out of our speakers at the moment. What’s the point in pretending everything is fine? Fight or party – those are the only options left.

Live Dates:

25th January – The Rec Room, Edmonton