Exiled – Luna 
Exiled - Luna

Release Date: Out Now

The world will always need optimistic and energetic indie bands so that awkward teens can jump around and get sweaty whilst singing along to anthemic choruses from their favourite song of the month. Luckily, Sheffield lads Exiled are stepping up to the plate to take a swing with new single ‘Luna’ and it’s a fair old swing at that. Taking a lead from the likes of Catfish & the Bottlemen, the Sherlocks, Embrace, Snow Patrol and numerous other sweeping indie-rock bands, Exiled have produced an assured and huge sounding track that works as an excellent appetiser for their music but I suspect there’s something with more edge just around the corner. If this band was a Facebook event I would be definitely clicking on the ‘Interested’ icon.

Live Dates:

23rd March – Record Junkee, Sheffield w/Huulen + MCRAE


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