50 Year Storm – Hydrostatic EP 
50 Year Storm - Hydrostatic

Release Date: 1st February 2019

Down in the darkest depths of a forgotten wintery landscape of a seaside resort in January something is rumbling. Newquay might not be jumping at this time of year, but the town’s resident rock royalty 50 Year Storm have been working themselves in to something of a lather. The trio’s new EP, ‘Hydrostatic’, creates an almighty sound whilst we take a high-speed tour through a variety of rock’s top landmarks. Given all of that, it seems odd that these three tracks opens up with a song called ‘Grey Ladies’ but maybe it’s a Fifty Shades reference. Either way, ‘Grey Ladies’ is an absolute behemoth of a tune that starts like the beginning of a Jeff Lynne rock opera with the punchy drums and guitars matched only by the dramatic keys and a sense that all the Alexa’s and Echo’s are about to rise up and control our lives.

The meat in this sandwich is ‘Black Sun Blues’ which kicks hard like a bluesy, dirty slice of Moriaty meets Monster Truck with a groove deeper than the Grand Canyon that makes you want to rip the top off your car and head out on the highway (or A392 in the case of Newquay). The EP closes out with ‘The Harm’ which returns to the dramatic theme of the first track as though soundtracking a scene from the heroic but tragic end to an as yet unreleased Hollywood blockbuster featuring a tattooed beefcake. For me, this last track is the weakest of the collection as it slips in to the category of Bon Jovi a bit too much for my tastes but it’s still a powerful slice of dramatic rock. 50 Year Storm are starting 2019 on the front foot so you’d better look lively or at least stand to one side while their motorcade rolls past.

Live Dates:

19th January – Charlie’s Bar, Redruth
23rd February – St Austell Band Club, St Austell w/T.A.Y.N.