Sove – In the Cold EP 
Sove - In the Cold EP

Release Date: Out Now

Sove is an enigmatic character – looks and poses for the Instagram generation but there’s precious little information out there about her. Still, her debut single got my attention, so it seemed only fair to give the EP a listen. The five tracks judder in to life with ‘In the Cold’ which has an R’n’B vibe but the fierceness of Kelis or Janelle Monae in full flow as she switches between the smoothness of the verses and the twitchy, sketchy chorus. On ‘Not Scared to Love’, Sove takes inspiration from the 90s with a taste of Janet Jackson and TLC running through every squelchy synth note and processed beat.

‘Secret in the Dark’ is the track that this EP hangs around with the understated vocals and dreamy melodies pitching this somewhere between Angie and DYLYN in terms of the sultry tones blended with steely determination. There is a change of pace on ‘Floating’ with a Clean Bandit meets Craig David chillout vibe and you really start to get an appreciation for how pure, classy and clean Sove’s voice is – there’s no overstretching or embellishment here, just unadulterated talent. We finish things up with ‘Makes Me Go’, an electro soul number with a sensual side that just invites you in close on the dance floor even with it’s off-centre rhythms and chorus of “it makes me go woo!”. Sove is not the kind of artist who will beg for your attention but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it. And don’t be fooled by the style, there is plenty of substance here and every bit of it has been thought through.

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