Sôra – EP Review (Colligence Records) 
Sôra - Number One EP

Release Date: Out Now

Anglo-French alt pop singer-songwriter and producer Sôra is something of a boundary pusher and this new collection of songs is the perfect ‘in’ for new fans. The four track EP opens up with ‘Lifestorm’, an initially delicate number that soon emerges from it’s cocoon in to an assured, sensual and superbly produced slice of sophistipop with original arrangement and an overriding sense of freshness. Strong start. Next up is ‘Sakura’ (a Japanese flowering cherry tree) which is more woozy and blissed out with tones of Angie and Kimbra through between the swaying synth notes and sparse beats.

The second half of the EP starts with ‘Number Won’, a tune that basically strides slowly across the marble floor before sliding in to the hot tub next to you and passing you a glass of Moet. The keys are gorgeous and Sôra’s vocals are a soft siren call to anyone willing to listen which is anyone with a handle on their senses. Closing number ‘The Grit’ has a more skittish and unhinged feel to it like a Janelle Monae or Kelis track showing off a left-field approach with Jazz influences blended with R’n’B beats. Sôra is, undeniably, a unique and inventive talent and this EP shows that skill off to great effect.

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