Shira – Earth Is The Right Place For Love 
Shira - Earth is the Right Place for Love

Release Date: Out Now

When this track starts up you could be forgiven for thinking it’s an acoustic reworking of Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ but when the tracks blossoms (and it does) you will kick yourself for going down that aural path. Shira is a New York State resident who grew up between the US and Israel and, upon losing her father, wrote the beautiful and moving new single ‘Earth Is The Right Place For Love’. Fusing the vocal acrobatics of Regina Spektor, the theatrical style of Mae Karthouser and the story telling prowess of Jake Morley, Shira weaves a delicate and shimmering tapestry of love, loss and remembrance. The creativity, heritage, passion and emotion that has been poured in to this song, not to mention that voice, is a joy to behold and despite the obvious grief at the centre of this piece it is still an utter joy to behold. Shira’s father would be enormously proud, of that there is no doubt.