Rina Mushonga – Hey Coach ([PIAS]) 
Rina Mushonga - Hey Coach

Release Date: Out Now

Ahead of a new album in early 2019, Dutch-Zimbabwean artist Rina Mushonga is teasing us with a new track and some eye-catching artwork. It takes a few seconds to find the groove on ‘Hey Coach’ but once you’re in there the blend of Afropop rhythms, electronica melodies and Mushonga’s dusky vocals makes for glorious listening. Vocally, this is somewhere between Brandon Flowers, Prince and a blend of a hundred female 80s pop singers as forced through a mincing machine, extracting only the finest cuts. Instrumentally, this song is explorative, experimental and without boundaries which is just as music should be and, let’s face it, exactly what we’re going in to 2019 – a year which is surely going to laugh in the face of 2018 describing itself as “crazy”.