Krowns – Fake It 
Krowns - Fake It

Release Date: Out Now

If you’re looking for some dark alt-pop with a sense of the macabre about it then look no further than the new single ‘Fake It’ from Calgary outfit Krowns. The stabbing organs and strings give this a psychotic edge before the heavily affected vocals and ominous beats join in to give this a zombie vibe. Then you listen to the lyrics (focused on the insincerity of modern life obsessed with fitting in to an impossible ideal) and realise that this is a horror show which makes complete sense of the melody. Throw in some plucked strings, a gang vocal chorus and a few horror movie sound effects and this track is coming at the right time of year – it’s also a banger for all year round though so get it on your playlist for a little inspiration and fighting talk.